Glaze Wine Company 2008 cabernet sauvignon

Hello to my new readers to this blog! Just to let you know my mana-jyyer has informed me that in order to hit the Big Time, I need to upgrade my website. Ell-lo, I’m Washington Wineman. Me gusta mucho! (slap my booty) Les claquettes de Columbia Valley! Oh, anything for a professional tennis player like Olivia Sanchez and Mathilde Johannson, or sexy model Flo Lafaye! What? Did you not know that we’re in the middle of the 2011 French Open for tennis?? Quelle mouche t’a piqué?

What is up with Florida lately? A couple in divorce proceedings spent a lonely Sunday to shoot at their washing machine. The house then flooded so the man went to clean it up while the woman, when asked to write a statement, told the cop, “I’ll try my best but I’m drunk.” And now, Chicago’s moving up the charts after two robbers, dressed up as nuns, held up a bank on Sunday. Any bank that is stupide enough to stay open on a Sunday, in
direct opposition to the myth of “banker’s hours”, deserves to be robbed. Also in defense of the French, a British gas executive who admitted to a health and safety breach in court tried to sneak past waiting reporters by donning on an outfit to disguise him as a woman. Must have been the palm balm from Marrakech that gave him away. And, lastly to those lame Yankees, trailer-park trash Kesha Sebert, aka Ke$ha, was quoted as being JFK in a past-life. Yeah, if she’s JFK, then I’m a focking Betty Grable pinup, bitch!

This is my Salute The French issue. Honestly, I didn’t care much for the armpit-hair growing, seldom-bathing Frenchies until I watched the music video I paired this wine with. All of a sudden, I became an instant surrender-monkey! Hey, there’s something about those luscious French women, and you’ll know who Mathilde Johansson, Olivia Sanchez, and Flo Lafaye are after this eye-candy video in two versions! Of course, it helps that the music rips.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the arrogant American wine snob. The Glaze label is an offshoot of Ross Mickel, the mastermind behind the Ross Andrew Winery. Glaze is derived from Ross’s wife’s infatuation with working with clay. Is this some sort of “Ghost” redux? Oh, who cares, just gimme my wine, man.

I first tasted the 2006 version at an elegant facility in Seattle, thanks to my man, Bryan, who now fronts the awesome wine website, Fat Cork. His specialty is in delivering some standout Champagne bottles from little-known growers and is worth a peek for all you Champagne geeks. Bryan has a nose for value and he hit a home run with this wine in his cache. Unfortunately, some hotel restaurant jerk-off buyer (who shall be unnamed)
pounced on the remaining supply so that no one else could have the pleasure of
imbibing in a highly valued wine. Such is the wine business.

Fast-up to the 2008 vintage (there wasn’t any 2007). This wine rose up like a Phoenix in the distributor catalog and wouldn’t you know it, but one-eye-for-the-wine-buy Paul Zitarelli of Full Pull Wines pulled an early trigger and pounced on the stash like an Ohio State football player on a car buyer. I secured my own allotment to ensure many years of stiffy hedonism to come, and I can only hope you got yours.

Some winemakers are being snooty about sources for some of their wines. I don’t get the point of it, but in this case, your wineman has been able to deduce the sources thanks to Ross’s vineyard sources for his front label. Expect nuances from Alder Ridge, Ciel du Cheval and Klipsun to entertain your palate despite the price range this wine sits at. If you are unclued in as to what prices cabernets are from ANY of these vineyards, let me assist… we’re talking $30. Minimum. These vineyards are known for producing stylistic cabs
each on their own, so to find them here at half the value was an automatic ‘buy’.
Remember that.

Tonight’s substance of measure was my own grilled creation of: BallPark Grillmaster beef hot dogs, Vidalia onions, zucchini, and Costco ribeye steak. I’m tired of this 50s-60s, cloudy weather in May. Hey, Mother Nature, it’s fucking SPRING! Gimme some heat, bitch!

Tasted at 60-70 degrees on the IR temp gun.  Nose: soft black currant, fresh black olives,
and black raspberry. Color: deep garnet and magenta. Mouthfeel: fluffy, buoyant. Tail trail: 6 seconds. Flavors: black fruits, dark plum, black pepper, supple but drying tannins, and leather. Good enough on its own as well as next to a grilled slab of moo.

Alcohol: 13.6%. Rated: 90. Value: $25. Paid $14. You’re not paying for the label. Music pairing: “Hello” by Martin Solveig. Long version here. Recommended that you watch both if you think you’re hip or at least a tennis player. Can Federer take the French Open again? Who cares? The best part of the Grand Slam tourney is the first round where you get to see the players from the video in action. Hot, hot, hot! This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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11 Responses to Glaze Wine Company 2008 cabernet sauvignon

  1. Antoine Pin says:

    Thank you for supporting the French. Resident Alien # A 041-XXX-XXX. I somewhat feel like I’ve taken an indirect hit in the opposite direction. Good read none-the-less.

    Cheers Ed.

  2. wawineman says:

    That’s my mark of quality…”was that a compliment or an insult?”
    Hey bud, after watching that long version video…why the HELL did you leave France???
    I’ll take any of those French racket-wielding dames (oh, esp. Mathilda!) over anything the Yankees have. Mixed doubles, Matty? No no no, not on the court…think Chinese fortune cookie… IN BED!

  3. Antoine Pin says:

    No no no. Not an insult. I know better. I’ll layeth the smackdown when need be, as do you. Unlike most if these free tasting wielding bloggers, I myself get you and appreciate the diatribes Ed. Any interesting specials from Costco lately?

  4. wawineman says:

    Sacrebleu! You have become a formidable reader, on par with this young geezer.
    As for Costco, funny you asked since I passed through one of them yesterday. Oh yes, there are some good ones (one of which will be the next review). How did you know? Did you place a GPS tracker under my bike? You’re watching me? NO. I’m watching you, sir…
    “I just came to say hello.”

  5. Antoine Pin says:

    GPS? nah, why go through the trouble when all I need to do is make “ONE” phone call to Maryland and get the dish and the side salad?

    J’ai mes endroits pour faire mes recherches.

    Answer to your question “why leave France?” Was my parents choice when I was 12. Haven’t lost the language, speaking, reading, writing and the love for wine. Unlike most “wannabe” critics out there who say they’ve been to wine country, when in reality it was a layover at Charles De Gaule, I grew up on the vineyards in both Chateauneuf and Volnay. But I don’t hype it up. I enjoy it. You? What’s your story?

  6. wawineman says:

    Let’s just keep that information about Maryland to ourselves and…

    Pourquoi ne pas vous résidence de recherche Mathilda Johannson pour moi?

    Well, America accepts you and btw, thanks for that lovely statue (La Liberté éclairant le monde) out there on Liberty Island.

    After all, what did those Benny Hill-looking, scruffy-mopped, skank-smelling, tea-sipping, castle-living, wild-boar with mint sauce munching, spanking-fetish hooligans sporting pirate teeth ever give us, other than a reason to throw our own tea party? Yeah, f*&k the Brits.

    • Antoine Pin says:

      umm. Roast Beef? How about a funny Palin answer last weekend. other than that?? I really really honestly can’t really think of anything. Mathilda Johansonn?? I’m not sure who that is. Sorry. Should I? Is she hot?

  7. wawineman says:

    Roast beef??? Grilled beef is far superior, imho. (now throwing away all my roast beef recipes…)
    Mister Pin, you have been away from the motherland far too long. Watch the video again. If I brought her in to the CR tasting room, you will sell out of all your wines. How’s that for international marketing, eh? Just spell my name right on the check…

    • Antoine Pin says:

      Wow…you may be right sir. I haven’t lived there since my higher education years in ’99. As for yourself, I’d come visit CR again, as you may not find me there. I don’t think I’ve collected a check from them in over a year. I can spell your name right. it’s just part of that information that you said we should, ” Let’s just keep that information about Maryland to ourselves and… “.

      Time for me to read your next blog which you just posted. I see this one has a dialogue.

      To be Continued…………………………..

  8. Ed, email me. You know how to get a hold of me. Please. I’m sticking out here and saying that I thoroughly enjoyed and still do enjoy reading the MUSE. Take the hit and bounce back. Who cares?

    You’re friend,

    Captain Premier 5000 and his sidekick Antoine.

  9. wawineman says:

    Retasted on March 7, 2013:
    Still full of youthful character– deep garnet edge with a dark core of voluptuous red and black fruits with a creeping tail of funk. Full-bodied and dense with long flavors of liquorous black currant, black cherry, ancient tree bark, anise mint, cracked leather belt, and faded black pepper.
    Now in its prime and should be ass-kickin’ for at least another five years.

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