Tempus Cellars 2010 Evergreen Vineyard riesling

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Tempus Cellars is the creation of Joe and Molly Forest, two Husky alumni who had the cojones to move to Walla Walla in 2004-5. Joe chased his dream of making wine and enrolled in Walla Walla C.C.’s Enology and Viticulture program. He initially gained experience working for Seven Hills Winery as a crush assistant, then moved up to assistant winemaker at Dunham Cellars, then to his current position as head winemaker for Patit Creek Cellars, which by the way, shares a tasting room with Challenger Ridge Winery right here in Woodinville. Joe’s first influence was his father’s winemaking at home. Not to be slighted, Molly formerly worked in online marketing for Nordstrom before pulling up sticks and moving back to the area she grew up around, and of course, being with her then-boyfriend-now-husband Joe. Molly currently works for RBS Interactive as its online marketing director.

Joe Forest’s wines aim for finesse and flavor over heavy extraction or loss of varietal characteristics, all the while showcasing the unique fruit quality of the Walla Walla Valley. As for Molly, she’s catching up quickly after a slow start of “whatever looks good on the shelves of Trader Joe’s.” This kinda reminds me of Trouvaille Winery’s road of romance. Funny how people go into the wine industry from diverse backgrounds, yet so many have so much in common with each other. A little freaky…

As for the name ‘Tempus,’ Joe takes a loose interpretation from the Latin equivalent for ‘time’ by defining it as ‘a series of firsts’ for the many firsts since he moved to Walla Walla—the new jobs, the first dog, the marriage, the first home, the first baby, and the first winery. The front label was designed by a Portland, OR illustrator, Alan Just. The back label scribes were written by Anne Vallerga, a close family friend from Napa Valley. The
front label art depicts what looks like the Columbia River traversing between two high ridges as it rolls on quietly. The artwork reminds me of…old currency.

As for the wines, not a whole lot of consistency in making the same wines since the 2006 debut of a syrah and a red wine. Total case production topped out at 350 cases (3 wines) in 2008; however the 2009 reds appear to not have been released yet. The initial riesling in 2009 produced only 131 cases before almost doubling to 250 cases for the 2010 version.
Current prices range from $16 to $32. Fyi, the Walla Walla Valley AVA syrah costs $25. This charge is among the lowest found in the Puget Sound area (Trust Cellars being another) for those who want to try a syrah from this much-gossiped about, almost mythical region.

Food pairing was pig cutlet, 2 eggs over-medium, pig sausage, and Planters Flavor Grove chili lime almonds. Terrific all-around.

Tasted at 49-56 degrees on the IR temp gun. Bright light gold in the Riedel with aromas of peach and apple. Dense with bristling acidity on the palate, this wine pumps out the Granny Smith apple, peach and pink grapefruit in spades.

Alcohol: 12.8%. RS 1.3%. Evergreen Vineyard, northwest of George (future Ancient Lakes AVA)—same vineyard source for Efeste, Eroica, and Kung Fu Girl Wines, among others. “This small-lot riesling is a perfect summer treat on its own and will pair beautifully with Pacific Northwest menus, as well as spicy international cuisine.” Rated: 90. Value: $19. Paid: $15. Music pairing: “This Little Girl Is Mine” by Gary U.S. Bonds. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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6 Responses to Tempus Cellars 2010 Evergreen Vineyard riesling

  1. Scott Abernethy says:

    Hey, you finally reviewed a wine I’ve already tasted! I had this with light appetizers at a wine dinner at a private residence about a month ago. The person pouring the wine knew nothing about it (he was just a volunteer helping out at the fund-raiser dinner), except that it was recommended and purchased at one of our local Yoke’s stores. It didn’t blow me away, but it was very enjoyable. Probably one of my favorite wines of the evening. Enough that I will look for their other wines in the future.

  2. wawineman says:

    Ab, yeah I was slow on this one. Cleaning out my notes from the last couple of months so there’s more to come that you will have already sipped past. It’s summer…
    Not trying to be a wiseass on this one (just this one)–it must be an ‘automatic’ in making good riesling from Evergreen Vineyard fruit. I mean, Efeste and Eroica make pretty much the same quality as this and they’re all $16 in Woodinville. The Kung Fu Girl is about $3 less.
    You nailed it as far as not being a super stud of a wine but very enjoyable on a warm summer night with appetizers and good company. That’s what all $16 wines must deliver.

  3. While you two keep talking about wine, I’m finding myself getting the “Bizarre” New of the day.

  4. wawineman says:

    Oh Captain, tell me you weren’t the grunt that lamb-sheared that poor Lynnwood gal.
    Or worse, you were on the ‘cutting end’ of that Garden Grove blue balls butcher…
    CP5000…what the hay does that mean???

  5. Antoine Pin says:

    Ill take the blue-ball club. Although I do quite well. Just ask the ‘hood wineries how often they see me with the same broad. 🙂

    CP5000 you ask? I’ll try to sum it up as best I can. Crack open a few 18 oz. cans of bench beer (Rainier or PBR) at extremely high altitude the lack of oxygen some very good, crazy friends and you get some pretty funny statements. It’s a recent nickname that I’ve temporally adopted. We’ll how it goes this summer. I might just go back to Antoine. 🙂

  6. wawineman says:

    Now I get it. Antoine is the pseudo-Frenchman because he’s stuck to only one dame.
    Whereas, Captain Premier 5000 is pure French and only believes in ménage à trois! Hey, wait a minute…that means I’m 200% French then. Sacré bleu, chienne!

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