Betz Family Winery 2011 Petite Rousse rose

A British scientific journal redacted a recent report of finding the oldest red blood cells that were recovered from a 5300 year-old mummy, Ötzi the Iceman, when researchers confused the blood sample with that from Paul Gwine. Speaking of fraud, and I generalize when I write this, wine drinkers are the biggest group of suckers around. The bullshit they spew make fishermen and golfers look like Honest Abe Lincoln. And, they don’t care who their victims are, as long as they get their free wine and transparent flattery to inflate their attention-starved egos.

Cases in point: (1) Rudy Kurniawan—self-proclaimed wine big shot who amassed a stockpile of rare wines only to use the genuine bottles as templates for his counterfeiting racket. The only good news was that he bilked his fellow uber-wine snobs into bidding thousands of dollars for wine bottles with suspect contents. (2) Then, there’s William Koch and his lawsuit against Christie’s Hardy Rodenstock and Michael Broadbent, surely two big names admired amongst the most putrid of wine snobs, claiming the four bottles of wine engraved with “Th. J” were not the actual bottles once owned by one of our Founding Fathers and our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson. And, let’s not leave out that wrinkled David Cassidy-fanboy in (3) Paul Guttless and his flatulent goal of promoting Walla Walla wines as Washington’s best while cloaked under his general writings on Washington wines. Many thanks to Chris and his commandeered wine blog for exposing this unjustly slant in his tireless and extensive research. Every AVA not named Walla Walla should equate his latest book as a slap in the face, inferring their wines and vineyards are inferior to that of Walla Walla’s. It’s no secret, although he never mentions it, that he is so well compensated by the wine alliance that the relationship has set the bar way up high in “pay to play.” (4) Finally, this discussion would be hollow without inclusion of Sean and Shona. These two sulfurous blowhards like to think they own the “scoops” on the goings-on in Washington wine. They recently blogged about a subject I reported on weeks ago and they tweeted furiously like they discovered the Lost Ark. Sure, they read my blog for their “research” but are in complete denial. Doesn’t matter. Far fewer read those posts. Shona reportedly groused that she got only “5 views” but I think that’s a record high for her sorry blog.

But, there’s a larger lesson to take away here and that is… how incredibly easy it is to blog about Washington wines and get to the fore of the crowd. Anyone can do it and be newsworthy here. And, it’s just as easy to defraud a winery into submitting precious bottles of their wines as “samples” to wine blogging posers. It’s even easier to have the tasting room fees waived by a staff that is engulfed by peer pressure. Wine bloggers are like “second-chance teenagers” and as one executive who administers to troubled youth advises, “Know your wine industry friends and how they feel about their social status. Those who are more eager to be popular are more willing to compromise morals to fit in. Additionally, they are more likely to succumb to peer pressure when they are depressed, have low self-esteem, lack personal interests or are isolated.” Amen, sister.

For further reading, @wino4ever recommends this article on the lies of wine writers.

For pictures of our inspiring local wine bloggers flashing their ‘dos, click it.

To the wine…

Continuing on everything I have previously written on Betz Family Winery, it appears the new owner’s influence on the winery’s marketing has taken hold. The Griessels know their customers and are cranking up the integration of their luxury wines to the luxury lifestyle by offering their customer list excursions to cigar lightups, exclusive catered dinners, and the ultimate, a South African safari trip. While rare (and decadent) for a winery to offer such events, this is nothing new as other wineries commonly do a dinner for their best customers and DeLille Cellars annually pulls off a hoidy-toidy Mediterranean cruise with their winemakers. However, Betz just entered the fray and that gives the growing “1%” of Puget Sounders another remarkable option to brag at the card table.

Seattle’s about to get a sunny May weekend and that means everyone who has been hibernating all winter long will be breaking open the 2011 rosé wines. This is how we ignite here at Wine Central.

This wine was the amuse bouche for a grilled ribeye dinner prepared when Seattle last hit 70 degrees (April 22).

Tasted at 47-54 degrees on the IR temp gun. Still dark for a rosé, a few swirls reveal a pinkish-magenta color with faint hints of strawberries, cherry, and raspberries. Dilute and easy on the palate like a rosé should be, flavorful emissions of cranberries and other red fruits team with young herbs to give the wine a model-like body.

Alcohol: 14.3%. Sold out. 42% grenache, 25% cinsaut, 18% counoise, 15% syrah. Columbia Valley AVA. Power: 2/5. Balance: 2/5. Depth: 2/5. Finesse: 2/5. Rated: 88. Value: $15. Paid: $20. Music pairing: “Zou Bisou Bisou” by Jessica Pare. This is WAwineman…uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth.

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