Ross Andrew Winery 2010 Washington Red Blend

The annual “What’s a good Thanksgiving wine?” issue.

Seriously, are you still asking this question? How about my warm .357 on your palate then. J. Chryst…

So, I look this stooge in the eye and this is my flowchart.

One, do they even have wine on Thanksgiving (yes)? Okay, what’s gonna be served? Turkey (duh) and the fixings. What’s the fixin’s? Cranberry sauce from a can, Stove Top stuffing, dinner rolls, peppered game hen, sliced beets, mixed greens, pasta salad, corn, pumpkin pie, orange marmalade, pecan pie, honey baked ham, and candied yams. Pops, that’s a fine mess– stick to champagne and you’re good.

“No, but I want a wine…” I’m thinking, “Champagne is a fuckin’ wine. Are you fuckin’ kidding me?” Movin’ on, I explain that while French Boujolais Nouveau at ten bucks will cover a fair amount of the table, some of your guests might have the same idea so be a little bolder and think about toting a few wines to match the timing and the mood.

Amuse bouche/aperitif/appetizers hour: get sparkly here if you have the fluted crystal glasses. Nothing sets the tone of a dinner party brighter than good bubbly. Alternatives: cheap chardonnay–excuse me, “unoaked” chardonnay. ABCer? Fine, Oregon pinot gris at about $10-15. King Estate or Cooper Hill meet the need. For reds, go fruit forward and get a cheap merlot. Otherwise, try the following daring choices: Guardian Cellars ‘Angel’ sauvignon blanc, Davenport Cellars ‘Snowflake’ sau blanc/semillon, Januik riesling, Betz ‘Petite Rousse’ rose, and Patterson Cellars dry riesling are savant choices. What to avoid here: tannic wines and anything over $20. Cheapskate’s choice– boxed riesling. Key: medium fruit with some complexity.

Main event time. You are s.o.l. here so do your best. Some like only one wine, others want two. You decide. Marsanne for the nuttiness– Maison Bleue ‘Petite Joie’ or Forgeron Cellars. Chardonnay for the citrus, fruit, and wood– Abeja or Buty are the best values. Albarino if you have a fisherman’s Thanksgiving– Idilico or Coyote Canyon, if you can find them. Pinot gris– only one here if you can find it-> Cooper Wine Company’s 2008 edition is in peak form with amazing complexity. Red blends– this one from Ross Andrew is your best bet or Martedi Winery’s Tuesday Cellars no.11 red wine. The money shot is pinot noir but the right stuff costs $30-$45. Get anything from Oregon in this price range and you’re safe. Cheapskate’s choice– Pasek Cellars cranberry wine.

What’s yours truly gonna guzzle on TG? It’s a game-day decision but in addition to the above choices, there are a couple bottles of 10 year-old pinot noir that want in. Absolutely no varietal cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, syrah, or malbec unless beef, pot roast, or a thick stew is a course.

And, if you’re having Thanksgiving in Washington, then damn it, have it with a Washington wine. Only. Makes. Sense.

Food pairing: hearty beef stew recipe from the back of a McCormick’s pouch. Divine.

Tasted at 54-65 degrees on the IR temp gun. Elegant royal magenta in the Riedel despite the initial absence of aromas other than a faint whiff of red fruits. Give it an hour to open. Smooth, full-bodied, and silky on the palate with a long, winding tail expressing Bing cherry, sanded cedar, red licorice, black currant, ripe black plum, blueberry, refined berries, tobacco leaf, shy velvety tannins, milk chocolate, and vineyard dust.

Advice: extremely fruit forward wine. Drink within 12 hours. Do not cellar this wine more than a year.

Alcohol: 13.8% (tastes lower). Cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and syrah from multiple vineyards. Columbia Valley AVA. 900 cases. Power: 2/5. Balance: 3/5. Depth: 3/5. Finesse: 4/5. Rated: 92. Value: $30. Paid: $25. Music pairing: “Put The Gun Down” by ZZ Ward. This is WAwineman… uncorked, uneducated but not uncouth. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all.

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10 Responses to Ross Andrew Winery 2010 Washington Red Blend

  1. Winemaker of Mass Destruction says:

    Yeah Snowflake is a good starter-sipper, just had some the other night. But I have Chard from Troon I will start with along with our Viognier.

    I am going agaist your no-no list and will be doing a Syrah. I also have 2007 Five Star Merlot (signed) that I might pop.

    Wait, what the fuck am I saying!?!…dude I will be drinking all day long. Whatever I can get my hands on.

    Happy Thanksgiving and drink WA Wine!


  2. wawineman says:

    Drinking all day long… you are singing the wineman’s theme!
    Tell me how the syrah does with turkey.

  3. Winemaker of Mass Destruction says:

    Hey quick question.

    Why do all of these wine bloggers just copy each other? It’s like one blog will post some trub about a winery and then like the next day some other blog will do the same thing. Doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of being a wine blogger is to discover new wines and/or wineries and/or edutain the reader?

    I am sure you would shit all over my stuff, but I dont sells, and I am happy.


  4. Winemaker of Mass Destruction says:

    Ooops… meant to say… that is why I like reading this wine blog, for it’s diversity.


  5. csabernethy says:

    Sorry I missed you on my VERY infrequent visit to Woodinville last weekend. I only had about an hour to taste so I had drink and run. Hopefully, it will be a mellow Thanksgiving in the wino4ever household. I plan on hitting the golf course in the morning while all the prep work is underway, then will hit the wine for the afternoon and evening. We will have sparkling cider for the grandkids, and although Bubbly sounds good, I think I will hold off. I’ve still got some of that ’08 Cooper Pinot Gris, but I think I’ll go with the Cooper Marsanne and perhaps a Barnard Griffin Ciel du Cheval Merlot with our turkey dinner. Depending on how much help I get drinking the wine, I may even open a third bottle. And if the grandkids get to loud, maybe a fourth. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. wawineman says:

    I’ve had a lot of good questions from some astute readers, but yours is the winner!

    The wine bloggers in these parts all have one big clusterfuck that is controlled by the Wine Commission’s free wine program. It is this commission’s mission, led by a handpicked parrot in you-know-who, to reign in which wineries get the free advertising. The old asexual one knows nothing about hitting the road, paying the price, and doing field research like any decent, truly INDEPENDENT wine blogger should. Once his cheap words are published, that’s the signal for other “me-too” wine bloggers to go ahead and echo the same garbage. Clive Pursesnatcher is one of the latest cowards to jump on board since his own blog is read by exactly NOBODY. And, should anyone ‘displease’ the Boston Buttstain, then they get blackballed, which is a total disservice to readers of our great wines.

    You will find it here first… Avennia, Cooper Wine Company, Dubindil, Martedi, Aspenwood Cellars, etc. Why? Because I do it for you readers who thirst to learn more about Washington wines and you will get it uncensored. These posts are evidence of balanced journalism. There is no waiting for winemaker/owner approval of the content. This blog is not designed with a goal/hope that the featured winery will approve and recommend it on their website. Practically every other wine blogger whores themselves with gushy flattery in hopes of getting listed with the wineries and, of course, free wines. Who are these bloggers really serving? Of fact, any winery that promotes their wines with the wineman’s reviews has gotta have some gigantic, epic cojones! Corliss Estates, Adams Bench, Maison Bleue, etc. I know who’s using the wineman and I think it’s fantastic. Notice also these wineries make some damn fine wines. Think there’s a correlation?

    As of now, there is only one wineman post (out of over 400+) that was based on a free wine bottle, meaning I never paid for any bottles from that winery. EVER. I may have been given sample bottles from many others but I found some of them to be so compelling that I subsequently ended up BUYING CASES of wines because they were that compelling to me.

    This is the last truly independent and reliably unbiased Washington wine blog. Spread the word.

  7. wawineman says:

    Mister Ab,
    Yeah, I know, too. Sorry our paths didn’t cross but we were just kitty corner from each other. It would be fascinating to eavesdrop on your wine expeditions as you certainly know your wines. You got some of that Cooper ’08 pinot gris?? I have 2 bottles left and at least one will bless the meal this weekend. I forgot about Coop’s marsanne! He’s gonna kill me if he sees this since I tasted it a few months ago. A BG CdC merlot… wow… hey, you got any unattached daughters, 21-29? I’d make a great, albeit drunk, relative. Just sayin’. Happy Thanksgiving, sir. Very thankful to know you guys and that you’re not afraid to write your mind.

    • csabernethy says:

      Just checked and I have 3 PG’s and 3 Marsannes left. Heading out to Coop’s on Friday to see how his east coast tour went and to pick up my latest Club L’inizio offerings. Haven’t been out there for a couple months.

  8. wawineman says:

    Ask him about that new partnership…

  9. csabernethy says:

    I plan on it. The new label is fascinating and I saw mention of the “partenership”.

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