Why are you here? Yes, this is a Washington wine blog, but there’s no information on Washington wines here. It’s all about the wines. You think I’m gonna spill my whole life story just for you?! All you need to know is  I AM THE MOST ELECTRIFYING BLOGGER IN WINE ENTERTAINMENT TODAY! Know your role and git back to the main page, fu!

“Whether you like it, or don’t like it, LEARN TO LOVE IT cuz it’s the best thing you’ve read TUH-DAY. WOOOOoooo!”

The people’s champion Washington Wine blogger! Don’t believe me? Reader comments:

from @DivaTink: “OK, so he is not always nice, but this is a great one to read” (7-20-11)

from @Winos_Seattle: “I’m catching myself reading your blog more (often) than I check my Facebook now a days.” (7-21-11)

from @winedirectsolutions: “Thank you WAwineman for sparking this discussion.” (7-19-11)

from @heyjenk: “Looking forward to reading about it, as always” (3-5-11); “oh Wineman, you always make me feel so special” (3-23-11); “oh crap” (3-23-11); “You CRACK.ME.UP”  (3-28-11)

from @NWTotemCellars: “Well unless my memory is faulty, you have NOT been to my place,” (6-27-11)

from @yakyakwine: “How did you acquire this bottle of wine, and who the heck allowed you into Selah?” (6-22-11)

from @wino4ever: “Apparently, my butt doctor is more hip than others.” (5-27-11)

from Barbara Winegal: “I laughed. I cried. I ovulated. I pissed in my thong.”

from Sean Sullivain: “WAwineman makes me want to come out of the closet.”

from Shona253: “He really does like short, drunk, 51 year-old unemployed fatties.”

from @lisasharahall: “wow, thanks!!” (11-12-11)

… wanna join this growing list? Leave a comment on my posts!

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5 Responses to About

  1. Jocelyn says:

    Hi WAwineman,

    I found your blog post about Trouvaille Winery and thought you might like to know they are having a release part this weekend, May 21 and 22, noon to 5:00 each day. Attila is releasing his 2008 “The Hun.” For more info see: http://woodinville.patch.com/events/trouvaille-winery-annual-release-party.



  2. Adonis says:

    I like the asses on your about page!!!!

  3. Ben Reece says:

    Not that it matters as I am not an icon (yet) but….Ben Reece of Corfini Cellars is NOT a 41 year old ex-georgian…this blog is great by the way.

  4. wawineman says:

    Big Ben!
    Sorry about that. I’ll reprimand the geek for the shoddy information.
    And thanks for reading!

  5. Hello, Someone just gave me a copy of your post of my Tuesday Cellars Red No. 11 (March 8, 2011…so I’m a little slow). First, I want to say thank you. And second, most everything in this is wrong. Please call me soon so I can get you the correct story for your readers.
    Thank you so much,
    Joseph Miglino
    Martedi Winery

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