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Ross Andrew Winery 2011 Old Block Syrah

Fling another pie in the Millenial’s face! Bernie’s army just got a lot thinner after yet another set of expected losses, mostly in the backyard of homer’s Northeast region. “It’s a posture of reality,” quipped the nursing home candidate who … Continue reading

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K Vintners 2011 The Hidden syrah

This world is full on imbeciles posing as intelligent life. Look at Sean, imitating a well-traveled wine reviewer for Choad Enthusiast who can switch from one-word gimmick reviews to the 100-point standard. And, of course, free wine tasted in unknown … Continue reading

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3 Horse Ranch Vineyards 2011 Reserve syrah/mourvedre (Idaho)

Looks like that balding, aged old goat in Steve (Jacks) Himoff of Hosemasterbater insignificance retained his loser status after watching his crinkled fatass go down in the Belmont Stakes. Some 9 million dollars (from wannabe know-it-alls–just like in wine!) were … Continue reading

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